Infidelity investigations

Cheating partners or matrimonial problems are investigated to confirm or prove your suspicions using infidelity investigations for statistics  to give you peace of mind whether for your relationship, divorce proceedings or other personal reasons.  You will know whether or not your partner has been cheating or engaging in behavior that may have lead to actions that are immoral, illegal or unethical. Whilst conducting the investigation discreetly, we will also keep you updated through your preferred method of contact.  We can provide you with a full detailed report on completion, with date and time stamped photographs and or DVD recordings, with a log summary. To give you the best possible outcome we also will tailor for your budget and needs.


  • Working or home late.
  • Secrecy and less communication.
  • Lack of  intimacy and noticing you.
  • Perfume smells that are not yours.
  • Indifferent, unresponsive & uncaring.
  • Begins deleting calls from the caller Id list.
  • Wants to go out more regular with friends.
  • Displays defensive behavior when questioned.
  • Change of appearances – new clothes and looks.
  • Begins to delete emails that used to accumulate.
  • Spouse or co-workers are uncomfortable in your presence.
  • You get calls when the caller hears your voice they hang up.
  • Amount of money in your checking account decreases suddenly.
  • Spends an excessive amount of time on the computer while your asleep.
Infidelity - Cheating husband