About-Shadowgate Inquiry Services was formed in 2013. Owned and operated by Anne Jones who is a fully licensed agent. She has background experience of over 16 years in the security and investigations industry. Consultations are handled with integrity and professionalism at all times. Consultations are free and confidential. We endeavor to give you peace of mind and clarity. Anne also has  experience with several court cases with successful outcomes including small claims such as VCAT & Magistrate  hearings, and can also assist with mediation and court Documents.horizontal-line



Does someone owe you $$$? Over a period of time I have developed a procedure to ensure that the debt recovery  is an effective professional service, and in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations, which I have come to know via experience & some Criminology & Law studies. The debt recovery service I offer is one of complete confidence and with a high success rate. It would start with a client agreement followed by a background check on the debtor, followed by contact to the debtor to asses which method  we will take.  Most of my success is reached upon first notification to the debtor. Clients are updated at all times.


These services are offered for the purposes of gaining knowledge about a  person or company you are concerned about regarding their intentions whether they are honorable or moral. Or perhaps may want to identify any criminal elements that may cause you to suffer financial loss.


Infidelity inquiries are offered if you suspect a loved one or partner may be cheating or  being deceptive. Cheating partners or matrimonial problems are investigated to confirm or prove your suspicions using infidelity investigations for statistics  to give you peace of mind whether for your relationship, divorce proceedings or other personal reasons.  You will know whether or not your partner has been cheating or engaging in behavior that may have lead to actions that are immoral, illegal or unethical. Whilst conducting the investigation discreetly, we will also keep you updated through your preferred method of contact.  We can provide you with a full detailed report on completion, with date and time stamped photographs and or DVD recordings, with a log summary. To give you the best possible outcome we also will tailor for your budget and needs.

PROCESS SERVING – All documents

By using Shadowgate Inquiry Services to serve your documents we can save you time, stress and avoid possible confrontation. Some of the relevant documents we serve are: Divorce papers – subpoenas – complaints – civil court documents – debts owing and more…


Evidence of Employee Theft – Fraud is essential to catch a offender.  We conduct personal &  corporate investigations, at Shadowgate Inquiry Services we can obtain video surveillance evidence and can send you video clips and photographs with a full written report. We have skilled surveillance operatives using the latest technology to gather evidence of a standard admissible in family law legal proceedings, civil court action or court trial. Through the advantage of expertise and intelligent planning of surveillance strategies, we are successful in obtaining good quality surveillance video and photographs. We appreciate the need for surveillance to be discrete.


Many people face sabotage and are victims of deliberate stalking methods such as being bugged or followed by estranged partners or business suffer by competitors breaking moral ethic and governed laws. We offer debugging services to eradicate these common issues.